Published On: 09/09/2021

Original Article by Svilena Velcheva

Divers – the volunteers of the Sea Club “Amici del Mare” will clean the Romantica beach and the seabed of the area on Saturday 4th September. This was announced by Darina Ivanova of the Sea Club. The divers will go to the most difficult beach to reach with two boats, which will then be used to transport the collected waste. The Varna Fire Service will support them in the enterprise. If citizens want to engage in cleaning the sandy strip, they will have to reach the beach on their own by climbing stairs that are not in good condition, the club warns.

Friends of the Sea ”organizes annual actions to clean the bottom of the bay and the beach. “Unfortunately, most of the waste we remove cannot be recycled because it is heavily contaminated and ends up in general waste containers,” said Darina Ivanova.

This summer alone, during the organized actions, the divers of the nautical club took about 300 kg of waste, mainly plastic and aluminum, from the sea in the Varna bay. “After all, though, there are a lot of abandoned fishing nets, discarded tires, household items, towels, hats, glasses … What’s wrong ?!” says Darina Ivanova. The strangest debris they found at the bottom was a refrigerator.

More than 60 actions to clean the beaches and the bottom of the northern Black Sea coast have been carried out by the Sea Club “Friends of the Sea” since 2000. In recent years, the sea near Shabla and Tyulenovo is cleaner, although there are many campers, said Darina Ivanova. According to her, the area around the Black Sea remains the most polluted, despite large-scale volunteer actions organized every year around 31 October – Black Sea Day.

“As a rule – 80% of what we throw ashore, gets to the sea, and stays there. If this waste is not cleaned during the autumn-winter period, sooner or later it will end up in the sea,” said Darina Ivanova.

In the summer of 2021, the Maritime Club is working on the Partnership for a Cleaner Environment program together with five Bulgarian cities. As part of the program, campaigns related to the protection of cleanliness on the beaches were carried out. Bathers were given paper bags with several easy-to-follow rules for clean beaches. These rules are spread over the tables of coastal restaurants so that customers can be informed. In total, 15 bins for separate waste collection will be placed in five points adjacent to the restaurants on the central beach.