Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 02/06/2023

They are looking for citizens who are working to curb climate change and are willing to share their experiences, successes and failures, find followers and ideas on how to proceed. All of them will be presented during the Citizens Against Climate Change conference to be held on Saturday 1 July 2023 in Varna. This was announced on World Climate Day – 15 May, by the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development.

The prepared forum will be part of the program of the festival “Green Revolution”, which will start two days earlier and will last until July 9. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for civil society organizations and informal groups to present initiatives against government and corporate policies that lead to environmental pollution and climate change. In addition to showcasing current issues, there will be an opportunity for debate. Those interested in joining as speakers can do so here until 30 May 2023.

Climate change, identified as the greatest threat to life on the planet, has become increasingly visible in Bulgaria in recent years. And while the use of coal, oil, gas, intensive agriculture, deforestation in our country is still accepted as normal and alternative, more and more developed economies are shifting towards renewable energy and low-carbon production. Instead of stimulating and easing the procedures for the production of renewable energy in the household, the authorities in our country are trying to impose the burning of imported waste as an alternative and clean energy production, said Ilian Iliev from the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development.

The forum is expected to present between 9 and 12 initiatives to an audience of representatives of the civil sector. “Citizens Against Climate Change” will be available to watch live in the hall or online on YouTube, Facebook and at

The conference is organised by the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development under the project “Climate action by European citizens delivers for development”, funded by the European Union.