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150 acorns on a red oak planted the children from the Varna Kindergarten # 3, Star. Future first-graders from Group IV Temenuzhka did that during an eco lesson led by Iliyan Iliev from the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development (PECSD) about different species of trees and about life in the forest and why it is so valuable to us.

In addition to everything we learn in the garden – numbers, letters, plants, we learn to protect nature, said Diana Atanasova, a teacher of small nature lovers. “And now you will feel the magic of giving life,” Mrs. Atanasova said to the little ones before planting their acorns.

A lively and exhilarating chatter came as the children buried the seeds. They made it in individual pots made of recycled material with a husk mixture provided under the “Plant a Future” initiative of Forest.bg – 100,000 Sadim Forests and Foundation 77.

An exhibition of seed that has already sprouted will be organized in the beginning of April for Forest Week. Children will have the opportunity to plant their tree with their parents in their chosen place – park, forest, neighborhood garden.

The team and the children of the Zvezdichka DG are part of the PECSD Leave-by-Leavecampaign about separate collection and the “Return a Bottle, Get Your Book!” campaign under the Green Fridays initiative. Winners of the Eco-School Award, they are involved in the Great Plants Hunt project and in the Learning for the Forest program.

Together we can change the world by inspiring children to plant their Green Future. Good luck, children!

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Проектът "Подобряване на общественото познание за ролята на гражданскатат организация за общността" се изпълнява с финансовата подкрепа на Исландия, Лихтенщайн и Норвегия по линия на Финансовия механизъм на ЕИП. Основната цел на проекта е подобряване информираността на гражданите за ролята на неправителствените организации в обществото.
Този материал е създаден с финансовата подкрепа на Фонд Активни граждани България по Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство. Цялата отговорност за съдържанието на документа се носи от Обществен център за околна среда и устойчиво развитие и при никакви обстоятелства не може да се приема, че този материал отразява официалното становище на Финансовия механизъм на Европейското икономическо пространство и Оператора на Фонд Активни граждани България.

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