11 08, 2023

Green Fridays for young people


The modern world faces enormous challenges in protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development. In this context, with an eye to the future, we announce the launch of our new and inspiring project - Green Fridays for Youth. This project [...]

Green Fridays for young people2023-08-11T12:37:09+03:00
10 07, 2023

Live discussion “Being energetically active”


Discussion "Let's be energetically active" starts on 23 June (Friday) at 10 am in the town of. The event will take place on Friday, June 5, 2018 in Gabrovo (House of Humour and Satire). Follow it live here: https://www.youtube.com/live/imGuk8YiU_o?feature=share Together [...]

Live discussion “Being energetically active”2023-07-10T20:58:26+03:00
16 06, 2023

Producing consumers of green energy – why have them?


How can industrial spaces in the city become living organisms and support urban biodiversity? Experts from the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development - Ecovarna sought an answer to this question. The topic was presented and debated for the [...]

Producing consumers of green energy – why have them?2023-06-16T15:54:03+03:00
2 12, 2022

Petko Kovatchev: A significant part of Bulgarian homes can be energy independent


There are hidden dependencies of various political and economic lobbies on the activities of the EWRC, says Petko Kovatchev from the Green Laws initiative in an interview by Veselina Milanova on BNR's Horizon programme. Host: Mr. Kovachev, are we not [...]

Petko Kovatchev: A significant part of Bulgarian homes can be energy independent2022-12-02T15:42:18+02:00
23 07, 2022

Growing cherry tomatoes on your terrace


Tsvetelina Tsvetkova has been a children's teacher for 8 years and has been part of Humana's Urban Agriculture project for 3 years. Her mission is to show children how they can grow their own cherry tomatoes at home, even in [...]

Growing cherry tomatoes on your terrace2022-07-23T18:59:10+03:00
23 07, 2022

The different applications of solar energy.


Todor Slavov from the ecological association "For the Earth" presents us the idea of Ecohub.bg for a more ecological way of life. He shares that first we should think about how to reduce our needs, and we should think about [...]

The different applications of solar energy.2022-08-11T09:22:23+03:00
23 07, 2022

Can we do something for ourselves?


Bilyana Valcheva shares with us the connection between our way of thinking and our way of eating. It makes us think about what makes us reach for the sweet and the salty. Can we do something for ourselves without using [...]

Can we do something for ourselves?2022-07-23T18:53:16+03:00
18 07, 2022

Cleaning without detergents


Savina wants to be responsible for environmental protection. She has found her path by joining the Enjo Bulgaria team. This is a company that produces environmentally friendly products. Our choice of work is part of our lifestyle. Savina sets an [...]

Cleaning without detergents2022-07-18T17:18:09+03:00


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