Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 17/06/2022

On the eve of World Climate Day – 15 May, a company in Varna launched a long-term initiative for forest conservation. The campaign, called CashON, aims to reduce the use of new cartons for online trade deliveries, saving at least 60 trees from being cut down in one year.

For every carton that MiaZoo customers return instead of throwing away, the company pledges to reuse it and donate 30 pennies to reforestation causes. The money collected will be donated to the Leaf Fund at the Community Center for Environment and Sustainable Development for the implementation of civic projects related to forest conservation.

There will also be a gift for each of the first 250 boxes returned. Submitters will receive 1 stack of 60 biodegradable and compostable Smart Pack hygiene bags. These are provided free of charge for the campaign by i.D. Solutions Company”.

In recent years, online deliveries have increased manifold, and with them the paper used for packaging, such as cartons, boxes, envelopes, etc. The message the CashON campaign organisers are sending is that every carton is a tree saved from being cut down. Let’s look at it not as waste, but as a resource that can benefit both the economy and the environment. A crate can be used up to 7 times and, once depreciated, can be recycled and turned back into paper.

The first results of the CashON campaign will be announced in the Forest Week (1-7 April 2023).

“Few consumers realise how long the supply chain is for a product they see on a regal. Before it gets there, the product has been transported from point to point with the immutable transport packaging – the crate. When the carton gets to the store, it is discarded as waste. With the CashON campaign, we want to change the way we look at resources, to inspire all actors in the long supply chain to action. Action is easy: just return a box! The benefits are huge: you save a tree”, says Ivan Antonov, Managing Director of MiaZoo Ltd.

The campaign is open to MiaZoo’s business customers to whom the company sends deliveries with its own transport and its own boxes. Participants will easily recognize them by the “MiaZoo” logo or the special CashON sticker. All that is required from the participants is to fold and stow the carton upon receipt of the shipment until the next delivery or immediately hand it back to the delivery driver. In this way the package is returned to the warehouse where it is prepared for re-use.

The Leaf Fund at Leaf by Leaf, one of the longest-running civic campaigns, will be the beneficiary of the donated funds from all returned reusable boxes. “We are also witnessing mass deforestation for industry. To make 1000 cartons, 4 trees are cut down. We support the companies that understand the harm of the linear “use – discard” way of consumption and become leaders of action by applying the principles of the circular model”, says Ilian Iliev, Chairman of the Public Center for Environment and Sustainable Development.

The campaign partners recommend all companies in the industry to be committed to the common goal of protecting forests and the climate and to implement this good practice for its direct societal benefits.