Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 14/07/2022

On 5 June, International Environment Day, we are relaunching our campaign against the use of single-use shopping bags #NoТhanksWears Bags. This time we are turning our attention to retailers. Our aim is to create a chain of #NoТhanksWears outlets. To signify businesses that care about the environment and are responsible to the health of society and nature. You’ll know them by the “Shop here with a reusable bag” sticker stuck prominently on the window, door or counter. The first participants in the campaign are the chain of shops “Rodopa Milk” in Varna. Anyone wishing to join the campaign can purchase a #NoТhanksWears sticker from our online cause shop. On 3 July – International No Plastic Bag Day, we will provide free stickers to all retailers who make a request at with the name and address of the outlet by 30 June 2022. The campaign is run on a voluntary basis. To support us, you can purchase products with the #NoТhanksWears logo from the online store or make a donation by adding #NoТhanksWears in the note.

Plastic bags are the most common polythene waste that pollute the environment. Plastic waste is a particular problem with marine pollution, accounting for 70% of the litter in marine waters. Plastic bags take up to 400 years to break down into tiny particles (micro plastics) that contaminate soils and waters and enter the animal and human food chain.

Be responsible! Become part of #NoТhanksWears  Now!