Author: Desislava Georgieva
Published On: 02/12/2022

An advocacy campaign for energy independence of every household through the production of “home” energy is launched by two NGOs in Bulgaria. The Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development and the Green Laws Initiative of the Association for Research Practices will monitor and analyse the current legislation as well as the recent draft changes to the Energy Act, the Renewable Energy Act and the structure of the EWRC. The two organisations will propose legislative changes aimed at accelerating the transition of the Bulgarian energy sector towards a mix dominated by diverse renewable energy sources (RES).

Renewable energy production will be placed in the context of facilitating domestic energy production, its connection to the national grid, the cooperation of domestic producers, administrative facilitation and the introduction of energy saving systems in households, businesses and construction. Environmentalists will lobby for every citizen to have the opportunity to install renewable energy capacity on their home property without administrative barriers and burdens and to sell surplus energy produced to energy distribution companies.

Several expert workshops will be held by the middle of next year, both in a closed format and in an open public discussion with government representatives, parliamentary line committees and experts. The meetings will be recorded and broadcast online on the social channels of both associations.

Public discussions are also planned with the public to discuss opportunities for installing capacity, producer cooperations, combining farming with solar, etc. During the discussions, the role of renewable energy in reducing air pollution will be explained, as well as the need to shift government support for the energy poor to more sustainable fuels such as pellets, support for the installation of domestic renewable energy, etc.

The advocacy campaign for energy independence will take place under the project “Let’s be energy independent”, funded by the Active Citizens Bulgaria Fund under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.