Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development

Who are we?

PUBLIC ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (PECSD) is a civic organization established on December 15th 1995 by students of the Technical University of Varna looking for self-realization. Officialy there are twelve members today. In addition many volunteers have supported the organization over the years. The budget of the association is raised through membership fees, donations, funding of projects from various external programs. We are doing public utility service trying to involve more and more people in environmental protection activities.

We are not…

…a governmental organization or a company struggling for high financial results. We do not want to work in shiny offices. We do not wait for someone else to take care of environmental problems. Our profit isn’t making money but having other people to become responsible for protecting the environment.

We are…

…a group of citizens who believe in the possibility of changing society. We are active and ambitious, striving to achieve our goals. We develop projects, persuade funding organizations, fight the bureaucratic machine, learn from our mistakes. We use what we have learned to make our dreams become true.

We believe that education and awareness are keys to sustainable development. Because the increasing problems about air, soil, water, greenhouse effect, GMOs, consumption and waste generation, disappearance of plant and animal species are consequence of an ignorant society.

The main force driving our society is the personal interest of each of us. That is why we work to turn the interest in a clean environment into the personal interest of each of us.

We believe that we should not do for others what they can do by themselves. That is why we rarely give already-made solutions but opportunities to achieve them.

How do we achieve our goals?

EDUCATION – “Whatever you saw today, you will repeat tomorrow”
We are aware that without the necessary knowledge citizens will find difficult to understand our messages. That is why we conduct educational courses and seminars. We hold discussions with students, teachers and citizens.

ACTIVE ACTIONS – “Eyes to see, hands to touch”
We organize campaigns and demonstration to address specific environmental problems. Over the last few years dozens of volunteers have been involved in cleaning beaches. More than 150 offices and schools contribute to reducing household waste by collecting and recycling waste paper.

In 2002, together with four schools, we isolated windows and installed energy-saving light bulbs to win a bet with Varna Governor Yani Yanev about saving 4% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the next four months. Because of that, when we won the district governor had to go to work by walk.

We inform the citizens of Varna about the environmental status and its impact on our health through a system of indicators. We prepare civil rights awareness materials. We print newsletters and brochures. We participate in radio and television shows. We provide information to the media. We print educational booklets for students.