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Kalina Miteva
dr. Dimcho Tomov

Dimcho is a doctor. He works as a head assistant at “Medical University” – Varna, in the Department of Hygiene and Disaster Situations. Hi has had two specialties – general hygiene and labor medicine. He is one of the first experts licensed by the MoEW on Environmental Impact Assessment, on Healthy Hygiene Problems of the Living Environment and Health Risk Assessment. Dimcho Tomov joined the PECSD in 1997.

Darina Ivanova

President of Sea Friends Club. Diving instructor. Member since 2009.

Eleonora Nikolova
Ivailo Ivanov

He is from the city of Varna. He graduated in economics and then in biodiversity, ecology and conservation. He has been involved in environmental activities since mid-1998 as a volunteer to many non-governmental organizations. He was an employee of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB). Today, Ivailo is a member of the BSPB Board.

Iliyan Iliev

He works as an environmental freelance consultant. One of the founders of the organization.

Kalina Miteva
Nataliya Nikolova
Nora Stefanova
Professor Galina Shtereva
Svilena Velcheva

Svilena joined PECSD in 1997. She is a journalist writing about ecology and economy for different print and electronic media. Svilena worked as editor of the PECSD newsletter and internet site.

Todor Slavov