Author: Desislava Georgieva

Sometimes the smallest gifts hold the biggest place in the heart,” says Winnie the Pooh, a favorite of generations of children and adults. Remember him when choosing gifts for loved ones. Often, wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget about the small gestures that make us feel human. We try to impress the people we love with expensive, shiny and well-packaged items. And we forget a great secret shared to the whole world by a Little Prince: “Only the heart can see the real. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

If you want to touch the heart of the person you love, give them good in the form of a gift with a cause. What does it look like? Just like everyone else, but only in appearance. The essential, as our Little Prince says, you will reveal it. You will tell about your gift – by whom it was made, for what purpose and for what cause. So that it reaches the heart and so that you multiply the good.

How to recognize the gift with a cause?

Take Pooh’s favourite honey pot and even better – two honey pots. There are hundreds of jars of the bee product on the supermarket shelf. And you want to give your Pooh the real deal. How to guess it? From the outside, they all look the same. But each is made by different hands and comes with a different purpose. The honey pot with a cause has something more. Here’s what:

A portion of the price you pay for it will go to support someone or something that’s important to many people, including you. That’s the cause. It will be mentioned on the label or in the product description.

A product with a cause is usually made not by a large factory, but by a small workshop or family enterprise, and sometimes even just by one person in need. See who the producer is!

A product with a cause is made with natural materials in an environmentally friendly way.

You won’t find it in the hypermarket. The policy of big retail chains does not allow small family producers to reach their shelves. Look for products with a cause on the Internet, social networks, small local auctions!

Research who is offering the product with a cause, because they guarantee it and that the money you pay goes to that cause! You will usually find such products on the websites of non-profit organizations registered for public benefit. If you’re looking for them on Facebook, check established groups, again administered by public benefit associations. If you don’t like online shopping, look for the office of the association that offers the product or a growers and farmers market.

What is the benefit of a gift with a cause?

It is not an ordinary item. It brings a different emotion, gives hope, does good. Here’s how it happens:

A gift with a cause is produced or provided by a person or organization that needs support to realize a good or charitable cause. By buying such a good or service, you are giving to at least two people – the one you are giving to and the one you are buying from.

By choosing a charitable product, you are helping to bring about something you believe in and believe is good for you and society. You feel useful and needed.

An investment in goods and services offered for charitable purposes is an investment directly into the local economy and small businesses. Because these types of goods are the product of small local businesses or small farmers. Your money will stay in the region where you live and support its development.

On what occasion can we make a gift with a cause?

Always and on any occasion. Birthdays, birthdays, Christmas… When we want to impress or leave a lasting memory. That’s why this type of gift is especially suitable for kindergarten or school teachers on the occasion of March 8, May 24 or graduation. For office colleagues on the occasion of Christmas or a company anniversary. But there is also Friendship Day, which some celebrate on June 9, others on July 30. And why not celebrate it every month? There’s Environment Day – 5 June – on which we can organise a donation drive at school for an environmental cause. Donors will receive an eco-sticker or a notebook with a pen or a book and learn more about the environmental problem they are helping to solve.

We can show charity with more than just an occasion. When we want to instill in children the value of giving, what better way to do it than through a cause gift!

Who is behind gifts for a cause?

There are many examples of the who, how and why of producing and offering Gifts for a Cause. We know one of the good ones. Her name is Hélène Sabatini, a sunny girl from France who came to our country more than 15 years ago to help environmental causes. Today she lives in the small village of Ezerets in Shabla, together with her family. She has a small family apiary, from which she offers ecologically clean honey with the cause “For Clean Agriculture” through He continues to work for environmental education as secretary of the village community centre. And for the creation of livelihoods for the women of Dobrudja villages, as part of the Ekno Association. One of their gifts for a cause is handmade waxed towels made from recycled textiles. An environmentally friendly product that successfully replaces foil, plastic and plastic in the packaging and storage of food and cosmetic products. By buying honey from the Deer Bee in Ezerets or a waxed cloth, you are supporting the activities of the Public Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development – Ecovarna, the Ekno Association and the small family bee farm of the Deer in the village of Ezerets. Ezerets. And of course, you eat pure natural honey or give a delicious joy to a loved one with it.

“Every thing is worth something else,” says Winnie the Pooh. Honey from the village of Ezerets is worth the efforts of a small family farm to create a local livelihood and for a civic organization to continue working for a clean environment. If you’re willing to pay that price, visit our shop with a cause!

How does public charity arise?

History links the beginnings of public charity to the church. During Jesus’ earthly life, the apostles collected donations and distributed them to those in need. In the book of Acts, a special chapter is devoted to charity, describing the delegation of authority for charitable work by seven men chosen for this purpose, called deacons.

In all early Christian texts special attention is given to charity. It was expressed both in the realization of Christ’s command to “feed the hungry” and in helping the sick, visiting prisoners, caring for widows, orphans, and the elderly.

The history of philanthropy in Bulgaria and in Europe shows that personal initiative for the good of society often precedes institutional initiative. Many educational, social and health institutions have been created as a result of private initiative. Examples of this in our country are a number of schools, community centres, the Bulgarian Literary Society (later BAS), universities, medical institutions…

Nowadays, as a counterbalance to consumerist shopping, the “Generous Tuesday” initiative has emerged. A week after Black Friday in more than 100 countries around the world, people donate to charities and causes. And what better opportunity to donate than to buy a gift with a cause for the holidays! According to Winston Churchill, “We live by what we get, but our lives consist of what we give.”

And to go back to the beloved Winnie the Pooh, “What do you give someone who wants everything and has nothing?” The answer is a gift with a cause. Because it is not just an item that may be gone tomorrow and the person is empty-handed again. A gift with a cause is a belief, a support, a dream… With it we give good and receive even better – satisfaction!

Don’t wait for an occasion to make a gift with a cause and support our efforts for a cleaner environment!”It’s a matter of discipline,” Little Prince told me later. “When you get ready in the morning, you have to take care of the planet too. “Let’s do it right now!