Members and management


Membership in PECSD is voluntary. Every member participates in the management of the association by means of each managing board: Joint assemblies, Administrative Board.

Joint assemblies:

Iliyan Iliev

Works freely as a consultant for decisions on ecological problems. One of the founders of the organization.

Mariana Yakimova

Accountant, Member in the organization since its establishment.

Svilena Velcheva

Journalist writing for ecology economics for different printings and electronic issues Cares periodically for the editing of the monthly informational bulletin ‘Leaf’. Member in the organization since 1997

Galya Shtepeva

Member in the organization since its establishment.

Dimcho Tomov

Physician, Chief assistant in “Medical University” – Varna, Hygiene department and emergency situations with two specialists, general hygiene and working medicines. One of the first licensed experts from the Ministry of Environment and Water, of components “Healthy Hygiene problems of the Vital Environment,” and “The Price of Health Risk”. Member since 1997.

Elenora Nikolova

Works as a Teacher of Bulgarian Language, Literature, Mythology and Folklore in the National High School for Humanitarian Sciences and Arts – Varna. She loves to associate with others, because she is convinced that everybody has the right to know “How to breed birds”. In the organization, she is a member because she wants to support the efforts of people who want the world to remain the most beautiful mystery and all life to remain a free path towards it.

Todor Clavov

Works in the region of the renewable energy resources and energy efficiency, His interest is with construction of solar energy systems. He has interest in the region of traditions and ecological building technology. Member since 2003.

Darina Ivanova
President of the Marine Club "Friends of the Sea". Diving instructor. Member of PECSD since 2009

Arch. Kalina Pavlova
Freelance architect. Winner of the prise of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee for exclusive civil courage "Person of the Year 2009". Member of PECSD 2009

Nora Stefanova
Works as a trainer and consultant with many governmental and business organizations.  Member of PECSD 2009

Ellen Sabatini
Became part of the organization as a french volunteer in 2006 and remains to live in Bulgaria. She is actively engaged in organic farming, mainly copper and organic soaps. Actively supports the activities of the organization with. Ezerets where eco-camp PECSD. Member since 2013

Silvia Stoyanova
She has environmental еducation . Participates in the activities of the organization primarily as a volunteer. Member of PECSD 2013

Administrative Board

Iliyan Iliev - President

Marianna Yakimova

Nora Stefanova