Who are we?


The mission of the Public Environmental Center for Sustainable Development/ PECSD/ is to promote the processes of sustainable development in the “human-public-environment” system by converting conservation of the environment into the prominent interest of everyone.


To create result means for elimination of current damage to the environment and prevention of damage in the future.

To cooperate for the popularization and the introduction of the principals, the ideas and the achievements in the region of protection of the environment and the natural lifestyle development of the public.

P.E.C.S.D is an association of people for realization of community-useful activities and is registered in the Law for Legal Non-profit Organizations with decision № 2625 от 22.10.1996. Organizations is documented in the Central Register of Legal Persons with Non-profit Aims for Realization of Public Service Activities, under № 20021128008.

Structure of PECSD

PECSD is an association with a board of members. At the present moment there are 10 members, set up as a general board of members. The operation activity is managed from an administrative board of three persons. The organization is an open structure, in which everyone who accepts our mission and pays the monthly membership fee can be a member. Membership in PECSD gives the right to voice decisions at claims. Every person who wants to work on fulfilling the mission of the association, but who does not wish to engage in the management, can collaborate as a volunteer on different projects.

Direction and Activities

The problems, which we engage in at PECSD, are: recycling and reused повторно използване of refuse, fight global warming, ecological transport, planting of public spaces, еcological education, and resource center.

Participation in Network Partnerships

Founder of Bluelink – Informational Network of Bulgarian Environmental Protection NGOs

Coalition” Bulgaria GMO Free Zone”